My name is Alessandro Scarpellini, a brand designer founder of Aesse, living and working in Italy. Visual Journal is my blog, featuring, through a personal and accurate research, the best branding and graphic design projects from all over the world.


If you’re a designer or a studio and have a project you think deserves to be featured on the Visual Journal, send me an email at If you want to make my life easier you can send me all the images in a zip, at the higher resolution available. Keep in mind that I won’t feature projects with images smaller than 750 x 508 px.


Sponsorships are now available on the Visual Journal. If you have a business, service or product and you’re interested in becoming a sponsor get in touch at


You can follow the Visual Journal on Twitter, InstagramFacebookEllo and Tumblr. If you prefer to get all the inspirations directly into your inbox, we send out a newsletter every other week.


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